Fundamentally I would define myself as a simple girl with a true love for photography, sport and nature. All my passions were passed down on me since a young age by my dad. Even only by looking at him while at work during our many trips and hikes in the two amazing swiss regions (Canton Grigioni and Canton Ticino) where I was lucky enough to grew up or simply by paying attention to all the incredible things nature has to offer us. I also was lucky enough to travel all around Europe and to go study abroad in Germany. All these experiences have helped me to develop my imagination as well as to understand that photography is more that just the frenetic search for the perfect shot. For me photograpy is the whole experience that is gifted to me while i’m at the event i’m lucky enough to be photographing at.

In a more abstract sense, through my pictures, i stive to make people smile, make them dream and why not, remembering the past. My goal is to make people stop for more than a second to observe my shots because as the famous photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson said: “ A beautiful picture, is a picture that people look at for more than a second”